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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Answer to Question

Proposed Solutions for Post-War Gaza




As the war of genocide waged by the Jewish entity, with debauched Western American support, continues against the people of Gaza for more than five months, and its victims reached more than a 100,000 martyrs and wounded, in addition to the destruction of most of its buildings, there is considerable talk about projects for solutions for what will come after the Gaza war and how things will turn out politically according to the plans of the colonial powers led by America. So, what is expected from these plans and solutions? Is it expected that the West Bank will remain as it is and there will be a military occupation of Gaza? Or will it be a demilitarized state in the West Bank and Gaza? Or will the West Bank remain as is and Gaza will be under international and Arab administration or self-governed like the West Bank? What is the correct solution? Thank you.




First, before answering the above questions, we will outline the following:

First: Some important issues about Palestine, the Blessed Land:


1- It is known that the British Foreign Minister’s Balfour Declaration, which was included in his letter dated November 2, 1917 to Lord Rothschild, included the British government’s support for the establishment of a national homeland for the Jews in Palestine. This promise was in the last days of the defeat of the Ottoman Caliphate (Uthmani Khilafah) in World War I due to treason by some Arab and Turkish men… Years prior, Herzl, the representative of the Zionist Societies supported by Britain, had submitted a request on May 18, 1901 to the Ottoman Caliph, trying at that time to exploit the financial crisis that the Ottoman Caliphate was suffering from by offering huge sums of money to fill the Khilafah’s deficit in exchange for granting them land in Palestine, but the answer of Caliph Abdul Hamid in response to Herzl was a strong and wise answer: “I cannot give up a single inch of the land of Palestine, for it is not my property, but rather the property of the Islamic Ummah. My people fought for this land and watered it with their blood. Let the Jews keep their millions, and if the Khilafah (Caliphate) is torn apart one day, then they can take Palestine without a price, but while I am alive, that will not happen…” The Caliph had vision, insight, and foresight. He was sincere in his outlook. After the demolition of the Khilafah (Caliphate), Palestine was given to the Jews for free! Thus began the story of the usurping of Palestine and the displacement and killing of its people, and what Caliph Abd al-Hamid had expected, may Allah have mercy on him, materialized. And so the abolition of the Caliphate (1342 AH – 1924 CE) took place, which was led by the West, led by Britain at the time, with traitors from the Arabs and Turks. This abolition was the actual introduction to the creation of the monstrous Jewish entity in Palestine.


2- Then America became involved after World War II, contributing effectively to the issuance of Security Council Resolution No. 181 dividing Palestine in November 1947… America began competing with Britain and the whole of Europe in adopting Jewish Zionism. Biden said in a speech delivered at the White House holiday reception of the Jewish Festival of Lights (Hanukkah): “You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist, and I’m a Zionist.” (whitehouse.gov; Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, 11/12/2023). When US President Biden visited Tel Aviv on 18/10/2023 following the Al-Aqsa Flood Operation, met with officials there and said: “If ‘Israel’ didn’t exist, we would have to invent it… ‘Israel’ must again be a safe place for the Jewish people.” He said that “he will ask the US Congress for an unprecedented aid package for ‘Israel’ this week. “We will not stand by and do nothing again, not today, not tomorrow, not ever,” (Al Jazeera, 19/10/2023).

This indicates that America is the one fighting the battle, and that the Jewish entity cannot continue the war without external support, especially unlimited American support. It is an entity by its nature unable to stand firm on its own. The Jewish entity marks its failure with its own hands as it is not capable of fighting except with a rope (support) from people, as Al-Qawi Al-Aziz (Strong and Mighty) says:

[ضُرِبَتْ عَلَيْهِمُ الذِّلَّةُ أَيْنَ مَا ثُقِفُوا إِلَّا بِحَبْلٍ مِنَ اللهِ وَحَبْلٍ مِنَ النَّاسِ]

“They have been put under humiliation [by Allāh] wherever they are overtaken, except for a rope [i.e., covenant] from Allāh and a rope [i.e., treaty] from the people” [Aal-i-Imran:112].


They have severed the rope of Allah, and what remains for them is the rope of the people from America and Europe and their agents who are traitors from the rulers in the Muslim countries who do not lift a finger in the face of the brutal aggression of the Jews. Rather, the best among them is the one who stood by and counted the martyrs and the wounded! It also indicates that America sees this entity as its main base through which it fights the Islamic Ummah to prevent its unity and the establishment of its state, the Khilafah (Caliphate).


3- The Jewish entity has more than once launched a brutal aggression on Gaza after its withdrawal from it on 15/8/2005, until Operation Al-Aqsa Flood happened on October 7th, 2023, which was a blow to the enemy when the mujahideen penetrated its fortifications and killed hundreds of its soldiers, up to about 1,200. They captured a number of its soldiers. The enemy launched an unprecedented barbaric response on Gaza, which has been ongoing for more than 5 months. It destroyed most of its buildings, targeted hospitals, killed patients, and bulldozed them alive, as well as the schools to which the people of Gaza fled. The number of martyrs reached more than 31,000, most of whom were children and women, and the number of wounded reached more than 70,000. The enemy followed a starvation policy by preventing aid, food, water, and basic materials from reaching the people in order to pressure the mujahideen to release the prisoners they were holding. Its war was a war of genocide in the truest sense of the word. It was encouraged to do so by the support of the West, both the American and European sides, and their followers. Western leaders flocked to visit the entity to express absolute support for the Jewish entity in the war of genocide it is waging on Gaza.


4-It was also encouraged by the silence of the regimes in the Arab and Islamic countries. Instead of mobilizing the armies to support the people of Gaza, some of them condemned the mujahideen attack and continued their relations with the Jewish entity as if nothing had happened, and the normalizing countries, old and new, continued their normalization with the enemy, and did not sever ties and abandon the normalization betrayal. They did not cancel the treaties and agreements with the Jewish entity, such as Camp David with the Egyptian regime, Wadi Araba with the Jordanian regime, and others. That is, they did not ensure even the minimum state of war. Moreover, trade relations with a number of these countries were not affected by the brutal aggression of the Jewish entity. On 11/1/2024, Turkish Minister of Transportation Abdulkadir Oraloglu admitted that (about 701 ships departed from Turkish ports to ‘Israel’ from October 7 to December 31, 2023, meaning an average of approximately 8 ships per day.” (Al Jazeera, 11/1/2024). Indeed, some of these countries not only not declare support for Gaza by responding to the aggression against it, they also did not declare war on the Jewish entity in support of its soldiers. The Jewish entity targeted Iranian sites in Syria and killed many of its soldiers, but Iran did not declare war on it!


5- America focuses its statements on the two-state solution, while being keen on the Jewish entity and defending all its barbaric actions and providing support for it, but it fears that America will lose what remains of its moral position, as if it has morals! Its president, Biden, said, “There’s no going back to the status quo as it stood on Oct. 6, that means Hamas can no longer terrorize ‘Israel’…It also means, when this crisis is over there has to be a vision of what comes next, and, in our view, it has to be a two-state solution…that means making concentrated efforts for all parties.” (CNN website, 25/10/2023). He also said on 12/12/2023: (“There is a real concern around the world that America is losing its moral center… due to our support for ‘‘Israel’”. (Al Jazeera, 12/12/2023)).


  However, he emphasized America’s policy, saying, (“It is a red line but I’m never going to leave Israel. The defense of Israel is still critical. So there’s no red line (in which) I’m going to cut off all weapons so they don’t have the Iron Dome to protect them.”” (MSNBC Channel, 9/3/2024).

Thus, America is supportive of the Jewish entity despite the tension in Biden’s relationship with Netanyahu due to his closeness to Trump, Biden’s electoral opponent.


6- America is also working to tempt the Jewish entity to accept the two-state solution by making the Saudi regime recognize the Jewish entity and normalize with it. Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud said at the Davos Conference (“Saudi Arabia may establish peace relations with ‘Israel’ if the Palestinian issue is resolved…” (The Independent, 20/1/2024)). Earlier, the Saudi regime’s Crown Prince Bin Salman said in an interview with the American Fox News network on 21/9/2023: “Every day we are getting closer and closer to normalizing relations with ‘Israel’.” On 26/9/2023, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas received the Saudi ambassador, Nayef Al-Sudairi, at his headquarters in Ramallah, who arrived earlier in the West Bank through the Jewish observation point, as a prelude to normalization with the Jewish entity under the pretext of being an extraordinary ambassador and non-resident commissioner to Palestine and consul general in al-Quds (Jerusalem)!


Second: Now we answer what was stated in the question about the expectations of the of American and the Jewish entity’s plans after the end of the Gaza War:


1- Handing over the Gaza Strip to the Palestinian Authority within the framework of the two-state solution. This solution is demanded by the United States in word, not in deed, i.e. it is playing with words. Biden wants it to be demilitarized, meaning not a sovereign state. (US President Joe Biden said – yesterday, Friday – that he discussed the issue the two-state solution with ‘Israeli’ Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and that the latter did not object to this solution…Biden added in statements to reporters, that there are a number of patterns for the two-state solution, noting that several countries in the United Nations do not have their own armed forces. (Al-Jazeera 4/1/2024)). I.e. Biden refers to a state of these types without armed forces! However, the Jewish entity does not even agree to this American plan. (In a press conference followed by Anadolu, Netanyahu stressed that Tel Aviv “categorically rejects the establishment of a Palestinian state unilaterally” (Anadolu, 18/2/2024)). In any case, the two-state solution proposed by the American administration cannot be implemented seriously without American action… and the Biden administration is not putting pressure on Netanyahu and his government because of the upcoming US presidential elections, because Biden needs the votes of the Jews in the elections and the money of the Jewish lobby for his election campaign, especially since his competitor is Trump, who strongly supports the Jewish entity… As for Europe and Britain, they are following America’s steps. As for the demand of the rulers in Muslim countries for a two-state solution, it is a betrayal that does not go beyond what America says, demilitarised and without sovereignty, i.e. something similar to self-governing rule!


2- The Jewish entity reoccupying the Gaza Strip. National Security Minister Ben Gvir and Economy Minister Smotrich are among the most enthusiastic supporters of this plan. These two far-right ministers argue that Jewish civilians, as well as occupation soldiers, should be inside Gaza and that this is the only way to maintain control of the Strip. (Ben Gvir, who leads one of the small nationalist parties in Netanyahu’s right-wing coalition, said at a conference that the return of Jewish settlers and the army is the only way to ensure that the devastating attack launched by Hamas fighters on ‘Israel’ on October 7 will not be repeated. (Reuters, 29/1/2024)). However, both America and the Jewish public do not support this opinion (US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, confirmed on Wednesday that ‘Israel’ “cannot occupy” the Gaza Strip, after the end of the war it is currently waging against the Hamas movement. He added: “The reality is that there may be a need for some transition period at the end of the conflict, but it’s imperative that the Palestinian people be central to governance in Gaza and in the West Bank, and we don’t see a reoccupation,” (Guardian; Al-Hurra, 8/11/2023). This is because the military reoccupation of Gaza will lead to costs for the Jewish entity and military and economic losses.


3- Hamas’s continued control of Gaza. America, Europe, and the Jewish entity do not want Hamas to remain in power in Gaza, because they believe that this will lead to a repetition of the October 7th attacks. Blinken told reporters in Tokyo: “Gaza cannot … continue to be run by Hamas; that simply invites repetition of 7 October,” (Stategov; Guardian, 8/11/2023). Gallant said, “Hamas will not control the Gaza Strip after the war… Tel Aviv is preparing to control it from an international entity.” (Anadolu, 18/12/2023).


4- Transfer of security in the Gaza Strip from the Jewish entity’s army to an international force. Among what was discussed, especially by some American politicians, was the presence of international forces in Gaza from Arab countries and other countries… and this appeared in the media

(According to the Wall Street Journal, persuading the Arab countries that have signed peace agreements or normalization agreements with ‘Israel’ to provide or oversee a security force for Gaza or to supervise it, but that will require some countries or organizations to assume administrative responsibility and to supervise security. The newspaper says that some Arab neighbour are hesitant… (Al-Hurra, 3/11/2023)). The discussion was repeated, Russia Today published this topic again on 4/12/2023 as follows: “Washington also supports the transfer of security in the Gaza Strip from the ‘Israeli’ army to an international force, perhaps formed by some Arab countries, but ‘Israel’ does not agree to the scenario of deploying United Nations peacekeeping forces in the conflict zone, and it does not trust the international organization’s ability to protect ‘Israel’s’ interests.


5- Handing over the civil administration in Gaza to the Palestinians without unity with the West Bank, but the Jewish entity will be responsible for security, as is the case in the West Bank. Al Jazeera published on 27/2/2024 that on 23/2/2024, the prime minister of the Jewish entity Benjamin Netanyahu presented the “Day After” plan for Gaza to the Mini-Ministerial Council for Security and Political Affairs. (The plan presented by Benjamin Netanyahu to members of his government included many details regarding the future of the Gaza Strip. One of its most important features in the security field is: ‘Israel’ maintains freedom of military and security action in all areas of the Strip without time restrictions, while establishing a security belt inside the Gaza Strip along its borders with occupied Palestine in 1948… In addition, ‘Israel’ will disarm the Gaza Strip, stripping it of any military capabilities, except for what is required to maintain public security…)


6- Considering the previous possibilities of the American and the Jews’ plans, the most likely of what they are planning to implement is what is mentioned in point (5) above; Gaza not unified with the West Bank, but rather the security and military procedures in them are similar: (‘Israel’ maintains freedom of military and security action in all areas of the Gaza Strip without time restriction) especially since the Jews are implementing this same plan in the West Bank. It was reported that Netanyahu presented this plan to American officials and it seemed to have their approval (it was claimed that Netanyahu made sure that the plan he prepared coincided with the American plan for a permanent solution in the Middle East, and that America was consulted about the plan through the Minister of Strategic Affairs, Ron Dermer, a member of the ‘Israeli’ war mini-cabinet, which has close relations with Washington. (NTV, 31/1/2024), i.e. that America was aware of Netanyahu’s plan in advance.


As for what Biden repeated statement about the two-state solution, it is not much different. Rather, as stated in his previous statement, in point (1), which is (Biden added, in statements to reporters, that there are a number of types for the two-state solution, noting that several countries in the United Nations do not have armed forces of their own… (Al Jazeera, 4/1/2024)). He refers to its demilitarization, and he has no objection to the two-state solution being preceded by a transitional stage, as in his statement, in point (2): (“The reality is that there may be a need for some transition period at the end of the conflict…” (Guardian; Al Hurra, 8/11/2023)).


Third: The correct Shariah solution that must be implemented:

1- After considering the above, it appears from the American and the Jewish state’s plans, that they are planning to make the West Bank and Gaza demilitarized and the security sovereignty in them belongs to the Jews. Whether that is under the name of one state, i.e. by annexing them, even if this is in stages as America wants, i.e. the West Bank remains separated from Gaza in a transitional phase, and then Gaza is annexed to the West Bank without military force. Or, as the Jewish state wants, for Gaza to remain separated from the West Bank from the beginning and in the end, both without military force, and the actual sovereignty in them belongs to the Jewish entity. It is clear from this that what America and the Jews are planning is poison and a betrayal of Allah, His Messenger, and the believers. Although it is not strange that the Jewish entity and America plan for this, for they are the enemy, but what is strange is that none of the rulers in the Muslim countries take the initiative, especially those in the region of Palestine, to mobilize their armies to support Gaza, its people, Al-Aqsa, and its environs, and uproot the Jewish entity and then return all of Palestine to its people. Doesn’t the one who occupied the Muslim land and expelled its people from it deserve to be fought by the Muslim armies and expelled from it as they expelled its people?

[وَاقْتُلُوهُمْ حَيْثُ ثَقِفْتُمُوهُمْ وَأَخْرِجُوهُمْ مِنْ حَيْثُ أَخْرَجُوكُمْ]

“And kill them [in battle] wherever you overtake them and expel them from wherever they have expelled you,” [Al-Baqara: 191].


How can the rulers not realize this?! Rather their misery overtook them, as their submission is for the kaffir colonialists, especially America, they do not refuse any of its orders in order to preserve their crooked seats of power.

[قَاتَلَهُمُ اللهُ أَنَّى يُؤْفَكُون]

“May Allāh destroy them; how are they deluded?” [Al-Munafiqun: 4]


2- This war revealed two important matters: firstly, is the weakness and humiliation of the Jews, as Allah (swt) mentioned them in His Book

[ضُرِبَتْ عَلَيْهِمُ الذِّلَّةُ أَيْنَ مَا ثُقِفُوا إِلَّا بِحَبْلٍ مِنَ اللهِ وَحَبْلٍ مِنَ النَّاسِ]

“They have been put under humiliation [by Allāh] wherever they are overtaken, except for a rope [i.e., covenant] from Allāh and a rope [i.e., treaty] from the people” [Aal-i-Imran:112].


They cut the rope of Allah after their prophets, and nothing remains for them except the rope of the people, America and its followers. People of this calibre are not people of fighting or worthy of victory. The second is the betrayal of the rulers in the Muslim countries. They are watching what is happening. The best among them is the one who counts the number of the martyrs and the wounded.

[صُمٌّ بُكْمٌ عُمْيٌ فَهُمْ لَا يَرْجِعُونَ]

“Deaf, dumb and blind – so they will not return [to the right path]” [Al-Baqara: 18]


These two matters should push the sincere and people of power in the Muslim armies to declare a general mobilization to fulfill Allah’s obligation to fight the Jews occupying Palestine.

[وَلَا تَهِنُوا فِي ابْتِغَاءِ الْقَوْمِ إِنْ تَكُونُوا تَأْلَمُونَ فَإِنَّهُمْ يَأْلَمُونَ كَمَا تَأْلَمُونَ وَتَرْجُونَ مِنَ اللهِ مَا لَا يَرْجُونَ]

“And do not weaken in pursuit of the enemy. If you should be suffering – so are they suffering as you are suffering, but you expect from Allāh that which they expect not” [An-Nisa: 104].


Thus, you eliminate their entity, for they are more insignificant to Allah (swt) than to be victorious in a fight, and then Allah’s promise will be fulfilled.

[فَإِذَا جَاءَ وَعْدُ الْآخِرَةِ لِيَسُوءُوا وُجُوهَكُمْ وَلِيَدْخُلُوا الْمَسْجِدَ كَمَا دَخَلُوهُ أَوَّلَ مَرَّةٍ وَلِيُتَبِّرُوا مَا عَلَوْا تَتْبِيراً]

“Then when the final [i.e., second] promise came, [We sent your enemies] to sadden your faces and to enter the masjid [i.e., the temple in Jerusalem], as they entered it the first time, and to destroy what they had taken over with [total] destruction” [Al-Isra: 7].


So rush to support your brothers and sisters in Gaza, and if the oppressive regimes in Muslim countries stand against you, then remove them by all means… and establish the rule of Allah in their place, the Khilafah (Caliphate) on the method of Prophethood, in fulfillment of the glad tidings of the Messenger of Allah (saw): «ثُمَّ تَكُونُ مُلْكاً جَبْرِيَّةً فَتَكُونُ مَا شَاءَ اللهُ أَنْ تَكُونَ، ثُمَّ يَرْفَعُهَا إِذَا شَاءَ أَنْ يَرْفَعَهَا، ثُمَّ تَكُونُ خِلَافَةً عَلَى مِنْهَاجِ النُّبُوَّةِ، ثُمَّ سَكَتَ»“Then there will be oppressive rule for as long as Allah wills, then He will remove it when He wills, and then there will be Khilafah upon the Prophetic method.’ Then he (saw) was silent.” [Musnad of Imam Ahmad]


Then the Caliph, his assistants, and the soldiers of Islam, from the highest rank to the lowest rank, would move from victory to victory, chanting “Allahu Akbar” and the Ummah chants “Allahu Akbar” with them, mighty with the aid of their Lord and glorious with their Deen, so no enemy would dare to establish an entity in the land of Islam.

[وَيَوْمَئِذٍ يَفْرَحُ الْمُؤْمِنُونَ * بِنَصْرِ اللهِ يَنْصُرُ مَنْ يَشَاءُ وَهُوَ الْعَزِيزُ الرَّحِيمُ]

“And that day the believers will rejoice * In the victory of Allāh.He gives victory to whom He wills, and He is the Exalted in Might, the Merciful” [Ar-Rum: 4-5].


12 Ramadan 1445 AH
22/3/2024 CE