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...Are All Steps in the Series of Reviving the Regime’s Structure!

...the Pure Muslim Lands of Occupied Kashmir, Raising the Flag of the Khilafah over Srinagar!

...so Colonialist Plans, Companies and Creditors Advance at Our Expense

The simmering conflict between Pakistan’s armed forces and the Pashtun Protection Movement (PTM “Pashtun Protection Movement”) has intensified

O Muslims of Pakistan! Ramadhan is the blessed month in which the Noble Quran was revealed, according to the Will of Allah (swt), in the

The destructive 18-year war waged by the US under the pretext of “War on Terror” launched against the Muslims of Afghanistan has reached a

Donald Trump's administration unveiled its so-called "New African Strategy" on Thursday, 14 December 2018, at the Heritage Foundation in Washington DC by the National

...and a Political Crime that Confirms the Regime's Treachery and its Subordination to the Colonial Powers

The Islamic Ummah is a living Ummah, it can get sick but it does not die, and now the events have escalated in various

The past year has been a difficult one for Muslim minorities around the world. We have seen an increase in overt hostility from governments

...under the Criminal States of the Region, and the Foolish Local Rulers, to it they Arbitrate and to its Plans they Submit and then

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