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...the Muslims of Pakistan Army and the Tribal Regions for


...By Re-Establishing the Khilafah that will Liberate Occupied Kashmir and


..to Secure the Prestige of Our Armed Forces, Our Lands and Our Deen

Real Revolution will Come when Democracy is Uprooted and Khilafah is Established

Faced with a collapsing economy, a demoralized military, domestic unrest and challenging mid-term elections, the US President, Joe Biden, bared his teeth against the

...Mobilizing an Army upon the Cries of Naseema Bano and Her Oppressed Muslim Sisters in Occupied Kashmir?!

...not Muslims, yet, the Bajwa-Imran Regime is Busily Facilitating this Colonialist Plan

...the Bajwa-Imran Regime Betrays the Muslims through Token Measures

...Releases a Song on the First Anniversary of the Forceful Annexation of Occupied Kashmir

The latest State Bank report exposes the regime’s tall claims regarding improved foreign exchange reserves and reduced trade deficit, because of foreign investment