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Is this conference part of the deal of the century? Or is it a separate project as stated by Kushner? And why didn’t he

I have a question about the method of Prophethood for establishing the Khilafah. As we know there are 3 stages in this method.

...Did the Taliban fall after these long years of jihad in the American trap? How did that happen? And where are things heading?

...When the owner of livestock feeds his livestock for most of the year of his own expenses and only graze for a very small

The Turkish lira fell in one day on 10/8/2018 by 14%, after falling by more than 21% on a continuous basis since the beginning

Question: We know that America is a state of institutions and that the outlines of America in international politics are governed by the institutions

Question: Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammad Bin Salman, concluded his visit to France,… He was received as a head of a state. So what is

Question: I wanted to buy some items by installments, but I had some suspicion on the matter, that in the case of delay in

Question: Is the Southern Movement (Al-Hirak Al-Janoubi) still American? Or that the agency of the Council became for the British because of the containment

Question: Does the contract between us meet the Shariah conditions if the machine is not moved? Or is the contract void (batil) for not moving

...The Olive Branch Operation, which started on Saturday according to the plan drawn for it, and the ground operation began on Sunday morning. (Turk

Question: 1- Is what took place in Iran and in the region a reaction to an action? 2- Did they move spontaneously or an external force

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