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Democracy Breathes Its Last Breath in Pakistan

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Democracy Breathes Its Last Breath in Pakistan


The highly publicized long march for democracy, that paralyzed Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, from 14 January 2013, was the basis for a discussion about the future for Pakistan. With the five years of the previous government over in March 2013, political parties that are seeking to participate within elections became active in making statements supporting the existing system, as did the rulers who endorsed that democracy must prevail at all costs. However, the Ummah revealed its growing rejection of democracy, because of its support for Islam.


Federal and provincial governments in Pakistan, that came into existence because of the American- backed National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) which “cleansed” criminal politicians, are very near to completion of their five year term. In March 2013, these assembles will be dissolved and as per constitutional requirements, elections will be held within ninety days after the dissolution of assemblies. This time political parties have started their election campaigns, even before the dissolution of the assemblies, as nobody has any “achievement” to show their voters, even though almost every political party was in power, whether in the federal or provincial government. For the last five years, people have been facing crippling inflation, unemployment, declined law and order situation, severe electricity and gas shortages, long queues on CNG stations, drone attacks, target killings and exemplary bad governance. All these matters have made people severe critics of democracy and people are now saying that no doubt “democracy is the best revenge” against the people themselves.

Even that small and fading faction that advocates democracy is struggling. Some misguided elements in the Pakistani media are unable to defend democracy and various anchor persons openly admit there incapability to defend it. Similarly some naïve intellectuals concede the fact that even if a credible election process takes place, even then the same corrupt, incapable and traitors will came to power again. It means every one has reached the conclusion that even the continuity of democracy can not bring forward capable and righteous rulers. It does not mean that people want military dictatorship again, because they have not forgotten the Musharaf era. So now people reject both democracy and dictatorship and in a general sense call Islam, though a large and growing number are specifically supporting the Khilafah.

Sensing this situation, the masters of Kayani, America launched Imran Khan almost a year ago. He called for severe accountability of corrupt politicians and raised the slogan of real democracy. Initially, he got some attention but soon he showed his true colors, when he accepted the same old corrupt politicians in his party and adopted a deliberately vague, ambiguous stance over Pakistan’s relations with America. At the same time in order to reestablish peoples trust on the democratic system, a new voter list was produced and a retired judge, who has credibility amongst civil society was appointed as chief election commissioner, but even these steps could not revive the people’s trust upon democracy. Now America is so desperate that under government supervision, the biggest media house of Pakistan, GEO, has started a campaign in defense of democracy, complete with computer animations, telling people that it is not the failure of democracy, rather it is the failure of ruling party. So much for the long march for democracy!

In a country in which people are only moved for Islam, this situation has really helped to spread the call of Khilafah. People now know that their days of misery and slavery to America can only be ended if Islam is implemented. The word “Khilafah” is so popular now that even secular parties are calling for a system like Khilafah in the public gatherings, because they see people no longer tolerate democratic system in its current form. It is the effect of the popularity of the call of Khilafah that for last one year government agencies become very active against Dawah carriers. They abducted Naveed Butt, spokesman of hizb ut tahrir in Pakistan, who remains missing, and several other members through out the country. They raided houses and offices of Shabab, registered fake cases and booked them under the Army Act and they even open fire on one of Naveed Butt’s maternal nephew. Let them die in their anger for their efforts will come to less than naught. No doubt the current situation is ripe for the spread of hizb ut tahrir’s call and for the establishment of Khilafah. Now people are discussing the systems of Islam. The discussions amongst the aware are about the policies and laws that are prepared by hizb ut tahrir for implementation. This is the time where we should sacrifice our time, wealth and even our lives. This is the time to severely account the agent rulers and spread the call of Khilafah to each and every corner of the society. No doubt victory from Allah (swt) is very near.

Shahzad Shaikh
Deputy to the Official Spokesman of hizb ut tahrir in Pakistan


07 Rabi’ I 1434